Some friends/projects/interests of mine: 

Broadus Memorial, a Baptist church where I am accompanist/organist
20 South Productions --Charlottesville agent Chris Munson
The Leg Warmers, the ultimate 80's band!
Jolie Fille
Devon Sproule's website --I'm on the songs
'Keep Your Silver Shined' and 'Let's Go Out'
Ellis Paul's website --i'm on the song 'Dragonfly' & toured with Ellis and Sugarland
Danny Schmidt's site--I play on Danny's album 'Little Grey Sheep'
Laura Cortese--I wrote and played on this fine Boston fiddler's album
The Hill and Wood--album out now
Ned Oldham--and I form the band Old Calf--new album 'Borrow a Horse' out now!--available from and No Quarter Records here or our website here
Chris Leva--I play on Chris' indescribably beautiful new album 'A Place Nobody Knows'
Kennedy Center--Millennium Stage--where I performed with the Olivarez Trio on July 18, 2016